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Stacie Ramey

Award Winning Author 

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To me, every story is personal. I like my characters close and their conflicts closer. I like to root for the underdog. I was a reader well before I was a writer. I write every book for one person–my reader. Maybe this next one will be for you. Hope so. 


If she wants a future with him, she’ll have to make peace with her past.

Jenna’s never let her cerebral palsy get her down. But when she discovers that her condition was actually caused by an injury at birth, she’s furious with her parents, who withheld the truth. And as they push her to get yet another difficult procedure, Jenna feels her control over her life starting to slip.

Enter Julian, Jenna’s childhood crush. He’s just moved back to town, and he’s struggling in school, so Jenna reaches out to him―anonymously―to help. Soon, their conversations are about so much more than class. She’s falling for him all over again, hard and fast. But would Julian still be interested in her if he knew who she really was? And can she find a way to take back her own narrative before she pushes away everyone she loves?

 Gold Medal winner in the Florida Book Award

Mentioned in the School Library Journal’s “13 Titles to Share With Older Reader’s During Disability Pride Month”


“In an effort to escape his family, Dylan sets out on the Appalachian trail―but he can’t escape his past

Dylan Taggart is on the run. His family is trying to put him in a school for psychologically challenged students, and he gets it―he has issues. But a special school is a complete overreaction. And in six months, he’ll be a legal adult, so Dylan decides to disappear on the Appalachian Trail until he can make his own decisions.

Dylan wanted independence, but setting out on a 2,190-mile hike by himself is more than he bargained for. And he keeps crossing paths with another teen hiker, known only as “The Ghost.” This mysterious girl is also making the trek alone, and Dylan can tell she’s trying to escape too. But from what? When disaster strikes, how can they trust each other if they can’t face their own secrets?

“A sensitive, funny, and sometimes awkwardly romantic story of survival and self-awareness.”–Kirkus Reviews




A suicide pact was supposed to keep them together, but a broken promise tore them apart.

Allie is devastated when her sister commits suicide–and it’s not just because she misses her. Allie feels betrayed. The two made a pact that they’d always be together, in life and in death, but Leah broke her promise and Allie needs to know why.

Her parents hover. Her friends try to support her. And Nick, sweet Nick, keeps calling and flirting. Their sympathy only intensifies her grief.

But the more she clings to Leah, the more secrets surface. Allie’s not sure which is more distressing: discovering the truth behind her sister’s death or facing her new reality without her.



A great pick for:

  • Fans of Jodi Picoult’s The Pact and Lynn Weingarten’s Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls

They say you can never go home—and John’s about to find out just how true that is.

John’s mother kicked him out of the house when she couldn’t handle his anger, and John’s spent the last few years bouncing between relatives. But after his last scrape with the law, there’s nowhere for him to go but home.

Starting senior year at a new high school and fitting into the family that shut him out is a challenge. And it’s all that John can do to keep from turning back to bad habits. Lacrosse training helps him focus. As does Emily, the girl next door. She’s sweet and smart, and makes him think his heart may finally be healing. Maybe he’s ready to trust again. But tragedy has a way of finding John, and he must decide between saving his family or saving himself.

 Winner of the Bronze Medal in the Florida Book Awards. 

“A stirring close-up of a family haunted by emotional trauma.”–Kirkus Reviews


What if you could cheat death? 

Bryan Rivers will do anything to save his dying girlfriend Courtney–even enlist supernatural help. His ex-girlfriend Rose is a practicing Wiccan, and Bryan pleads with her to use her powers to help. She reluctantly agrees, but like everything in Rose’s world, the remedy is complicated and comes with a serious warning: the kind of powerful magic that Bryan requires involves summoning mythological beings. Specifically, the Three Fates...

Once the Fates appear, their proposition sounds simple: play three round of their favorite game, Switching Fates, to win the chance to save Courtney. But it’s a game where Bryan must make the horrifying choice between two lives; which person lives and which person dies. And each round is more challenging and wicked than the last. With the realization that he’s in far over his head, Bryan must figure out how to beat the Fates at their own game.

This short story collection highlights the diverse experiences of becoming an adult in the Jewish faith.

What does it mean to become an adult in your faith? Join thirteen diverse characters as they experience anxiety, doubt, and self-discovery while preparing for their B’nai Mitzvah. And whether celebrating with a lavish party or in reception room A with an accordion player, the Jewish rite of passage remains the same. Filled with humor, hope, and history, there’s something in this anthology for every reader. 


Stacie Ramey is an award-winning author of The Sister Pact, which was named a YALSA 2016 Popular Paperback and a 2015 PSLA Top 40. Her sophomore novel, The Homecoming was awarded a Florida Book Award. Kirkus called her third book, The Secrets We Bury “A sensitive,funny, and sometimes awkwardly romantic story of survival and self-awareness” and also named it to its list of 13 YA Books Both You and Your Teen Will Enjoy. It’s My Life about a Jewish high school junior with cerebral palsy, who is on the verge of giving up on herself until she learns that her childhood crush has moved back to town won the Gold Medal in the Florida Book Awards. Stacie’s story “Without Being Asked” is and is part of the Coming of Age:13 Bnai Mitzvah Stories anthology.


Having been one of the founding board members of The Cream Literary Alliance, a non-profit that promotes the spoken word, she now sits on the honorary board for that organization. She is a board member for the Books, Art& Music festival.


A perpetual student, Stacie attended the University of Florida, the Pennsylvania State University, and has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Spalding University.


She lives in Wellington, Florida with her husband and a never-changing number of rescue dogs. When she’s not writing, she engages in Netflix wars with her children or plays her husband in Scrabble, all while watching the Florida Gators and Penn State

Nittany Lions play (Go Gators).

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I write each book for one person--my reader. Maybe my next one will be for you. Hope so.

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July 23, 2018

Bloom, Book Signing • San Francisco, CA

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August 10, 2018

Draft, Book Reading • Los Angeles, CA

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